TV Series: Robot Chicken
Composer: Shawn Patterson (42 episodes)
Distributor: Warner Bros. Television
Network: Adult Swim
Years: 2010-2014

Shawn has been the score composer and songwriter for Seth Green and Matthew Senreich’s multi-award winning infamous television series, “ Robot Chicken” since Season 5. For three seasons now, Shawn’s stylistically vast and rich musical scores for the show has brought a fresh level of quality and originality that has earned him several award nominations, press articles, and accolades from colleagues and fans around the globe.

As the songwriter for Robot Chicken, Shawn has written tunes (music and often lyrics) that have been performed by a wide range of talent such as: 50 Cent, Zak Efron, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Rza, Ke$ha, Alfred Molina, Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy), Tom Hiddleston, and many, many more. Meeting every stylistic challenge with ease, Shawn has written and produced the show’s songs ranging in a incredibly broad range of styles from: rock to broadway musical to country to rap to pop and much more.

Where The Dirty People Are
Music By Shawn Patterson, Lyrics by Rachel Bloom

Children of Lego Men

Not So Smurfy

Angry Bird

Santa vs. Superman