TV Series: The Adventures of Puss In Boots
Composer: Shawn Patterson
Distributor: DreamWorks Animation
Network: Netflix Original Series
Years: 2015-present

The swashbuckling cat from Shrek 2 is back! Dreamworks’ feature film adaptation of Puss In Boots is getting rave reviews since its January 16, 2015 debut on Netflix.

At the heart of this wild new television series is an all original, bold orchestral score and songs from Academy Award and Grammy nominated composer and songwriter, Shawn Patterson.

Set in the mystical town of San Lorenzo, “The Adventures of Puss In Boots” follows the heart breaking legendary outlaw in all new adventures. Tune in and follow Puss and friends in all new episodes exclusively on Netflix!

Awards & Nominations

Daytime Emmy Award

Outstanding Music Direction and Composition
(Award show airs May 1, 2016)

Video clips courtesy of DreamWorks Animation © 2015